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The West Yorkshire Python User Group (WYPy) have been meeting monthly since 2007. Our meetings are free, and usually include at least one talk, as well as a trip to the pub.

We discuss our meetings on the Python Yorkshire and Humberside Google Group and you can also follow us on Twitter at @WYPython.

Changing and Documenting Online APIs in a world of Continuous Deployments.

Thursday June 14, 2018

About the meeting

This month we're meeting at Sky's offices in Leeds Dock. Doors will open at 6:30. You will need to sign-in at Sky 2 before going to the meeting in Sky 1 but don't worry we'll make sure there are signs.

We have a fantastic talk from Simon Davy on a topic that should lead to some interesting discussion. The talk will start at 7:30. Talks and questions are normally over by 8:30. After the talk and questions we'll move to a local pub such as The Lamb and Flag for more discussion and socialising.

Talks: Changing and Documenting Online APIs in a world of Continuous Deployments - Simon Davy

Making changes to a Web API is hard work. You have to be careful not to introduce backwards incompatible changes. Any changes you do make need versioning and documenting somehow. And when your service is deployed multiple times a day, it's easy for developers to accidentally introduce changes or not document them properly.

My team has recently been developing a process that aim to make it easier for developers to make changes safely as possible. It also provides accurate documentation that is tightly coupled to the implementation in the code.

I will present an overview of the process, and demonstrate the tooling we've developed to support it for Python web applications. While the tool itself is probably too specific to our needs for general use, I'm interesting in gathering input on the ideas and goals we've experimented with.

Date and Time

Thursday 14 June, from 6:30 pm. Talks from 7:30 pm. Pub afterwards.


You will need to sign in at Sky 2 reception before going to the meeting in Sky 1 but don't worry there will be signs and people to help.

Sky 2
Leeds Dock
LS10 1QE

Coming up

Nothing scheduled yet. Please check back soon.

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